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  Rescue engineering   Source   US Air Force F-15 fighter crashed into the North Sea, search for pilot continues   The United States Air Force F-15 took off from Lakenheath Air Force Base, which is used by both the Royal British Air Force and the United States Air Force. This air base is located in the English county of Suffolk The pilot judge has not been announced at this time. As there is no data on the probable causes of the plane crash into the sea. According to the latest information, the military aircraft stopped communicating about a hundred kilometers from the coast of Yorkshire. Coast Guard helicopters and several ships were sent to the alleged crash site.   Rescue engineering   When flying over the sea, pilots wear special wetsuits. This wetsuit provides buoyancy and protects from the cold for several hours. But there may be bad weather, night or fighting, when this t

Teoretical engineering

Teoretical engineering In April 1950, Western media reported that the Russians shot down a plane over the Baltic Sea. Source - US Position: On April 8, you shot down a US naval aircraft, not a B-29, but a Privateer (PB4Y2 Privateer is a large four-engined aircraft designed for naval reconnaissance and patrolling). What happened then is described in a number of sources. We will rely on the article of the now deceased D.I. n. A. Orlova "US aerial reconnaissance over the territory of the USSR in 1950-55." - this is not popular literature, but a publication in the authoritative scientific journal "New and Contemporary History" (No. 6, 2000). The author drew on materials published in the Russian press and his own archival finds. One of the main documents is a report to the unit commander, Colonel F. Shinkarenko, flight commander Senior Lieutenant D

Rescue engineering

Rescue engineering Dry cargo ship "Anda" capsized in neutral waters near Sevastopol due to a storm. The ship, flying the flag of Togo, reportedly carried wheat. Onboard there was a crew of nine people - three Indian citizens and six Syrians. RIA Novosti: The rescue operation lasted from 8 am to 11 am. Eight rescued sailors were taken aboard the cargo ship (bulk carrier) Minoan Grace, which was heading for Turkey and came to the aid of the sinking bulk carrier.   "The first three crew members were found at the crash site at 8.15, then at 9.35 another sailor was rescued and found on the raft. At 10.35, four more people were found in the water," the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations said All those rescued were wearing vests. The fate of the only sailor who was without a vest remains unknown. His search continues. The operation is hampered by severe weather conditions. In the search area, a

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Rescue engineering Source The Su-27 fighter disappeared during a scheduled flight over the Black Sea, the Russian Defense Ministry told Interfax. The plane disappeared 50 kilometers from Feodosia. An emergency signal was recorded in this area. According to preliminary data, the fighter fell into the sea. Rescue engineering  Source   The plane was flown by an experienced pilot. Search and rescue operation is hampered by a storm. As the "KP" correspondent was told at the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet, at about 20:11 a signal from the Komar emergency radio beacon was recorded in the area of the crash. An An-26 aircraft and a Mi-8 helicopter were sent to search and rescue the pilot. An anti-submarine ship of the Black Sea Fleet and civilian ships located in the immediate vicinity of the scene immediately joined in the search. However, darkness and d

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Rescue engineering    Source   "On December 18, 2011, while being towed in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, the Kolskaya drilling platform with 67 people sank. Only 14 were saved. Drilling and oil platforms are quite complex engineering structures that are constantly exposed to all sorts of risks - from natural disasters to operational errors. Offshore gas and oil production is inevitably accompanied by various kinds of accidents. There are many reasons for such disasters. These are storms, hurricanes, emergency explosions, fires, personnel errors, equipment breakdowns. Each individual accident unfolds according to its own scenario. Vesti.Ru recalls the seven most severe accidents.   The towing of the Kolskaya from the western coast of Kamchatka to Sakhalin began on December 11, 2011. There were 67 people on board. Five days later, the caravan in the Sea of Okhotsk got into a storm. On the platform, the fairing of the nose support was torn off, the hul


Rescue Quote by The American EP-3 reconnaissance aircraft, which took off from the Kadena airbase in Okinawa (Japan), made a planned flight over southern China. According to the Chinese Foreign Ministry, 10 km from the Chinese island of Hainan (not far from Vietnam), the American spy plane abruptly changed direction and touched a Chinese fighter with its nose and left wing. As the representative of the PRC Foreign Ministry said, as a result, the Chinese plane crashed and the search for the crew is currently underway. Rescue

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 Helicopter crash Source 20.07.2020 | 08:27 "Two Netherlands military personnel were killed in the crash of an NH90 military helicopter in the Caribbean near the island state of Aruba. This was reported by the NOS TV channel with reference to the Commander of the Armed Forces of the Netherlands state. It is noted that the aircraft fell into the water between the islands of Aruba and Curacao, which are self-governing state entities and are part of the Netherlands. The helicopter crash occurred on Sunday afternoon, July 19. He fell into the water 12.5 kilometers from the coast. A 34-year-old woman and a 33-year-old man were killed. There were two other people on board who were not seriously injured." The OFLAMERON device can be used to reduce the force of the blow to the chest of the pilot and passengers. Helicopter crash