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Teoretical engineering

Teoretical engineering In April 1950, Western media reported that the Russians shot down a plane over the Baltic Sea. Source - US Position: On April 8, you shot down a US naval aircraft, not a B-29, but a Privateer (PB4Y2 Privateer is a large four-engined aircraft designed for naval reconnaissance and patrolling). What happened then is described in a number of sources. We will rely on the article of the now deceased D.I. n. A. Orlova "US aerial reconnaissance over the territory of the USSR in 1950-55." - this is not popular literature, but a publication in the authoritative scientific journal "New and Contemporary History" (No. 6, 2000). The author drew on materials published in the Russian press and his own archival finds. One of the main documents is a report to the unit commander, Colonel F. Shinkarenko, flight commander Senior Lieutenant D