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Teoretical engineering

Teoretical engineering     Ballistic missiles use either 1. liquid fuel and an oxidizer, or 2. a solid fuel-oxidizer mixture. 1. Liquid fuels and oxidizers are very energy efficient. But they are explosive. There have been many severe liquid ballistic missile accidents in history.   2. Rockets with a solid mixture of fuel-oxidizer are large, but much safer, they have a simpler design, but it is difficult to reduce or increase engine thrust.   3. A ballistic missile with solid propellant and liquid oxidizer can be very safe. In the event of an accident, a fire may occur, a gift, but not an explosion, because fuel and oxidizer cannot mix at once. The solid propellant can be positioned in the same way as in solid propellant rockets, and the oxidizer must be sprayed through the nozzles. This makes it easy to adjust the engine power. As fuel in such a rocket, a substance with a higher density can be used than in rockets with a solid fuel-oxidizer mixture. For example, fuels with a